We are The Private Military Contractor

Private contractors are employed in war zones and other dangerous areas to perform a wide variety of specialized jobs, including repair and maintenance of infrastructure and pipeline equipment, armed security for truck convoys carrying supplies between military bases, serve as guards for corporate headquarters and government buildings and provide personal protection for politicians and other leading figures

We are normally employed only in defensive roles and are only expected to engage in combat if attacked, we are not generally used for offensive military operations.


Armed Security

The most typical job is to serve as an armed security of sorts in an environment where an attack by terrorists or criminals is a strong possibility. For instance, may ride with a vehicle convoy in order to fend off any attempted ambush or kidnapping, and patrolling for a corporate facility at risk of a terrorist attack.

The Security Special Agents

The Security Special Agents

The Security Special Agents are Secret Service Global Limited Security Management officers who are highly skilled. They advise ambassadors on security matters and manage security programs to protect personnel; facilities and information secure are involved in criminal operations.

In the VIP protection field Special Agents protect the CEO of local or oversea firm and celebrities, designated sites and security events of visiting foreign dignitaries, investigate crisis and threat monitoring personnel security.

As a Special Agent representing as are well trained offices in the field, if necessary our Special Agent able to travelling different countries and due with the different cultures to achieve their assignment, perform their security operations in China cities and different nations.

Comprehensive and Specialized Training

Initial training includes:

  • Personal protection techniques
  • Criminal law
  • Investigation
  • First aid
  • Firearms
  • Defensive driving
  • Security management

Specialized training includes:

  • Post operations
  • K-9 Management
  • Electronic security
  • Foreign languages
  • Advance firearms techniques
  • Explosive devices
  • IED detection
  • Medical assistance

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