Protection and Escort Services

We tailor our protective services to our client’s needs. We place a high emphasis on pre-planning and the avoidance of potentially embarrassing or dangerous situations. Our staffs are able to adapt to all environments whether it is a business meeting, a high profile celebrity function or a high-risk personal protection detail and, when necessary, deal with all problems with maximum discretion.

All the personnel used for these details are certified and have either a military or law enforcement background. Our range of protective services include threat assessments for countries and the facilities within the countries, security surveys, residential and personal protection, freight escorts and couriers, conference and event security.

All of our protection services can perform in covertly or overtly. For example, we can use covert protection (protective surveillance) if the client denial others to know that he/she has an object under protection or to protect others without unduly alerting and alarming them to a possible threat.

Professional escorts and guides have appropriated linguistic skills with multi-skilled training.

The Close Protection Service is designed for those clients who require a ‘low-profile’ security escort over a brief period whilst visiting Hong Kong and China.

SSG Agent is able to contact our Base which is in a position to obtain up-to-date intelligence of any disturbances which may pose a potential threat to our clients whilst in country.